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Quiver In The Cold: Fisher's Mid-Winter Dream - PDF file

Trust In The Unseen: Building An Ethical Relationship With Nature in Traditional Algonquin Society

Is Nothing Sacred? The Earth in Crisis - PDF file, 4.8 MB

The Way of the Heron - Traditional Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Listen To Your Mother! - Native American Thoughts on Mother Earth on Mother's Day

"Earth Diver" Creation Story of the Lenape (in Munsee and English)

Why I (Still) Love New York - An Algonquin in Manhattan (three parts)



- coming soon

The Riddle of Woodcock Mountain: How Mnemonic Devices Used by Colonists Have Baffled New York's Historians for Centuries…Until Now

Native American Programs, Concerts, Lectures and Workshops for Schools, PTAs, and other Organizations.