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Updated 22 January 2021
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[1] In this podcast from the radio interview on WGDR March 16 2020, Moccasin Tracks host Deb Reger welcomes back Algonquin Culture scholar, author, musician, and teacher Evan Pritchard, who
speaks about "The Way of The Heron", an Algonquin way of governance and conflict resolution, a way of living that is ancient but relevant in today's society. He also speaks to doing ritual when you are afraid and how simple rituals can be sacred because of understanding and bringing together the elements. Evan reminds us that we are on a cycle and to remember also the "unseen".

[2] A historian and researcher, Evan shares with us about a project he is working on to interpret very old recordings of Mi'kmaq songs from 1520. He speaks to an instrument made from ash wood that makes clacking sounds as the songs were sung probably for ceremony.
Reading from his new book "Red Head Band" a poem that he has been sharing at public readings rallies and concerts we are inspired! His concerts coming up this summer sound wonderful as he performs with other Native musicians and shares his talents and knowledge. Look for events on his webpage and appreciate his teachings as many know him fondly as Grandfather Chipmunk. Always a most interesting conversation with Evan Pritchard, Moccasin Tracks is most appreciative and honored to share this conversation with you here and on the syndicated Moccasin Tracks.

Re-Envisioning the Land (Jan 7 Webinar)

"Moccasin Tracks" interview on "Re-Envisioning the Land"

Charles Kelsey Jr. Walks On

From Center Director Evan Pritchard:

    "I knew Charlie for a number of his 90 years, and we always had fun. He made me feel like family. It was an honor to talk with him about the history of the Esopus Munsee Delaware, as I always felt the spirits of those ancestors around him. Now he is an ancestor.
About the time of his death(very early Christmas morning before dawn) I was at home talking to my son (also part Munsee) on the phone and a great tree fell outside my house that landed with such a resounding boom that it shook the house like an earthquake had hit. I said to my son Sage "DID YOU HEAR THAT? That's a sound I've never heard before in real life...just in movies. A great tree falling over in death." I told Sage that I was sure someone important had just died...that sound of the "timber" falling was a sign from spirit. Then fifteen minutes later the power went out, leaving me to meditate on the meaning of it all realizing it might be someone close to me. Days later I learned that grandpa Charlie had walked on, and I was shocked. I somehow thought he'd live forever, as he was always around at every gathering and always at Pine Hill's Native American festivals. (I had even sung a journey song at the funeral of a beloved Kelsey family cat 18 months earlier and it never occurred to me he might be next.) The great local chief Daniel Nimham was shot in the battle of Van Cortlandt Park at about 70 years of age, and was thought to have said "Let me like an old tree die here..." I know Charlie knew that quote, or at least of Chief Nimham, and it underscores the connection between a tree letting go and falling into the earth, and a great leader letting go of family and friends and returning to Mother Earth, for life to someday begin again. It was time for Charlie to let go."
    Soon after the funeral I learned that the Native American peacemaker Hank Adams, 77, had passed into the spirit world on Christmas Eve, just hours before Charlie. I never knew Mr. Adams, but he had a reputation as an effective negotiator and a great leader. Maybe a branch of that 70 foot long pine tree was for Hank Adams as well."

Native Visionary Hank Adams Walks On

Events Listing
The Landkeeper Newsletter, Center for Algonquin Culture/
Evan Pritchard ~ Tribal Harmony ~ Resonance Communications

(Not an accredited institution)
Educational Outreach Project of Center for Algonquin Culture
in Times of Covid 19

All classes led by author Evan Pritchard (Mi'kmaq)
We rely on your donations to keep our virtual doors open, $20.21 per class is suggested.
Donate via paypal using email address option, then use evan.pritchard7@gmail.com
OR: Make check (to Evan Pritchard) and send to
Evan Pritchard PO Box 259, Rosendale NY 12472
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 895 7614 7481
Passcode: Chipmunk

PLEASE NOTE: WRITING IS BECOMING CLASS 7-9 PM TUESDAY MARCH 2nd ,2021. $20 per person. For more info email Evan.pritchard7@gmail.com. (separate zoom link)

1. NSU 2 #1 Mama Nuchwe's Story: The Woman Who Became Leader of the Esopus Confederacy;
Thursday, January 14th, 2021. Separate virtual gathering (free to the public) at 7 pm on Tuesday January 19th, 2021 on The 350th Anniversary of her Self Portrait/signing of the Niccols Treaty Renewal with England; with special guest speakers. Please contact Evan about other possible socially distant or remote events celebrating this historic moment.
(She is mentioned in the new book Mapping Manahatouac, $30, includes tax and priority shipping)

2. NSU 2 #2 Way of the Heron (Algonquin Peacemaking)
Thursday January 21st 2021 In further honoring of Mama Nuchwe, we continue on the topic of wise female leaders who practiced the art of peacemaking. Also: How the Algonquin teachings of nonviolence changed the life of Charles Thompson (and his friend Thomas Jefferson) Henry David Thoreau (and his friend Horace Greeley), Mohandas Gandhi (and his friend Pandit Nehru) Thaddeus Stevens (and his friend Abe Lincoln), Martin Luther King Jr (and his friend John Lewis) (Jan 18th is ML King Day) and how it can change yours. Book available The Way of the Heron $20 includes tax and priority shipping)

3. NSU 2 #3 Gifts of the Lenape
Thursday, January 28th, 2021 (Also The Bear's Birthday Party! 5th Annual Celebration) In addition to sharing ice cream and cake for all the bears born at the end of January (shared virtually, BYO cake) we will discuss numerous gifts that the "Lenape" nations have given us, almost none of which has been acknowledged. Evan's books on the Lenape include Lenape Indian Words and Phrases, Herbs Are Verbs (about Munsee language) Native New Yorkers, Westward Migrations (poetry but educational) Mapping Manahatouac, The Tappan, Keepers of the River Crossings, Double Dutched, Red Head Band, and others.

4. NSU 2 #4 Tobacco, Algonquin Gold
February 4th, 2021. In this workshop we will strive to cultivate the highest respect for the ceremonial use of tobacco as it is taught in Algonquin culture, treating it like gold. We apologize to the spirt of tobacco for the modern use of toxic chemicals in cigarettes, and mainly focus on its non-smoking uses. Tobacco will be offered to the groundhog and the bear, in gratitude for the return of the light, but also to Mother Earth herself. (No Word For Time is a good companion book, $30 includes tax and priority shipping)

5. NSU 2 #5 Eagles Know What to Do (They Celebrate Valentines Day too!)
February 11th 2021; Learn about how eagles invented Valentines' Day, and some of our courtship practices, and how much birds do for humans even if we are not paying attention. Recommended reading Bird Medicine, $28 includes tax and priority ship)

6. NSU 2 #6 Indians in George Washington's Closet
February 18th, 2021 (Washington's Birthday is February 22nd, 1742) Washington's relationship with Native Americans was doomed by his thirst for land and for a sovereign America free of invasion. New research suggests he maintained a good relationship with the Munsee Delaware and Oneida of the New York area his whole life. Open discussion.

7. NSU 2 #7 Sign Language-Praying With Your Hands

February 25rd , 2021 Evan will demonstrate both singing and speaking accompanied by native hand signs, including a giving of thanks.

8. NSU 2 #8 High Meditations, Algonquin Folk Beliefs about Altitude and The Power of Spirit.
Thursday, March 4th 2021 In this workshop we will march forth into the landscape of our imaginations and explore new heights from an Algonquin perspective in which altitude is mysteriously connected to spiritual awakening. We will also talk about Landkeepers, ancestral guardians of the land it is said occupy the high places.

9. NSU 2 #9 Tassiomancy Among the Algonquins (IE Tea Leaf Readings And Other Oracular Traditions)
Thursday, March 11th, 2021 In this workshop Evan will demonstrate tea leaf reading, tossing cowrie shells, tossing peach pits, reading bird signs (using his Bird Medicine Cards), and dice. He will also share stories of unexpected signs that turned out to be meaningful to him.

10. NSU 2 #10 A Dance of Balance Between Sun, Moon, Earth and Sky, Meditations on the equinox in Algonquin Traditions
Thursday March 18th, 2021 (and a nod to St Patrick) If anyone can balance an egg at noon and share a film clip in class they will get half off on their free will donation. We will also talk about the importance of shadows and alignments, although no dancing on tables permitted. (You may enjoy Out of Left Field, which talks about the Native American origins of baseball and astronomy as well. $20 includes tax and priority shipping)

11. NSU 2 #11 The Return of the Feathered Ones, NOTE CHANGE: (we will use bird cards instead of real birds)
Thursday March 25th 2021. We will go past Bird Medicine and explore new stories of encounters with the four strong birds, eagles, hawks, crows and owls. (Bird Medicine, book not required, $28 includes book, plus tax in NY State plus priority shipping)

12. NSU 2 #12 The Wisdom of the Fool, aka Ask Chipmunk You never know what will happen next.
Thursday April 1st, 2021. (April Fool's Day, y'all) We will cultivate the flexible, open minded state of surrendering to the moment (but not to the cavalry) not knowing what will happen next but being ready for it anyway… and being ready to laugh out loud. LOL. Bring a sense of humor and a watch because a fool is reborn every minute.

13. NSU 2 #13 Self Healing and Self Protection with the Help of Spirit Allies
Thursday April 8th 2021. When walking the medicine path, it is likely we will be expanded into new and unfamiliar terrain spiritually. We will need to be prepared, to be self-reliant and also know where we can get help in a fix.

14. NSU 2 #14 NOTE CHANGE: SACRED GEOMETRY AND ARCHITECTURE IN ALGONQUIN SOCIETY Thursday April 15th 2021. Evan will give a power-point lecture on sacred geometry in Algonquin spirituality and how it has inspired various forms of architecture and design in Algonquin society, and how these concepts might help modern artists and architects today find ways to incorporate spirituality into their designs. Based on a lecture given recently at Columbia University.

15. NSU 2 #15 For Earth Day: How To Think Like an Algonquin Thursday April 22nd, 2021. This whole semester could be called "how to think like an Algonquin" however this world view is most helpful in understanding and appreciating "mother earth," as she is spoken of in Algonquian languages and in fact.

16. NSU 2 #16 May Day; A Time of Unfoldment and Transformation Thursday April 29th, 2021 We will talk about the Seven Stages of Unfoldment in Algonquin Spiritual Traditions and how to unfold the soul like a flower. This is such a deep subject, Evan once did a four week series of sold out workshops at the New York Open Center on this topic. This is the short "locked down in the Catskills" version. Aspects of this are mentioned in Sacred Ways of Manitou, ($15 plus 9% tax NY State, plus $8.50 priority shipping)

17. NSU 2 #17 Connecting with the Heart of the Mother; A Day to Honor Mothers, but especially Mother Earth. Thursday May 6th, 2021. We will discuss the importance of mothers in native culture. We will make or renew our vows to love the earth as our mother so that we make better decisions concerning her wellbeing and that of seven generations to follow us. Bring loving stories about your own mother, or perhaps your mother's mother. A good companion book is Before the Heart Fell Open, a collection of original read-aloud poems, $10 plus priority ship)

18. NSU 2 # 18 Things Fall Together "Mah-wee-da-jik"
Thursday May 13th, 2021. We will talk about the little miracles that happen every day; perfectly natural, not "supernatural." In Mi'kmaq, its all part of allowing things to "fall together," allowing spiritual gravity time to take its course, which is for our own benefit. Why force things when they already want to fall together naturally to teach your heart how to love? This is mentioned in No Word For Time ($20 plus tax and ship)

Chipmunk Lodge Tuesday "Taskforce" Classes
CL v 1 Mocassin Tracks Tues Jan 5th
RE 1 and 2 Re-envisioning the Land Jan 7th and Jan 8th
See Mama Nuchwe's Story Thurs Jan 14th NSU 2 #1
CL v #2 Way of the Heron in Manhattan Tues Jan 19th "The Talking Feather Circle Tutorial."
CL v #3 Writing is Becoming February 2nd, 2021 A Rabbit in the Woods (info on TchiMamus, Tatscatlapoca, Amy uses noun-verb noun verb pattern)
CL v 4 Writing is Becoming March 2nd


The above is a link to Moccasin Tracks radio show of Vermont, hosted by Deb Regger, interviewing Evan Pritchard on a variety of topics. The next live broadcast is Monday, March 16th, 2020, and will be archived at the above stem.

Evan performing songs from 1967 with rock guitar virtuoso Bruce Edwards.

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Chief William Commanda passed into the spirit world August 3rd, 2011. Memorial services began the following day and his body was buried on Friday, August 5th, 2011.
I wrote this song for the occasion and sang it at the memorial services.

~ Evan

I Think of You
(To William Commanda)

Copyright © 2011 Evan Pritchard

Ojigwano, Ojigwano, born beneath a morning star long ago
Shine your light from heaven, Ojigwano, Shine your light from heaven now.

I think of you and all the songs we played and I think of you and all the jokes we made,
and I think of you whenever I'm afraid and I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.
And I think of you when fiddlers strike a tune, and I think of you when I sing to the moon
And I think of you whenever flowers bloom, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you when snow begins to fall, and I think of you whenever eagles call
And I think of you at every waterfall, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.
And I think of you and all the trails we blazed, and I think of you and all the Hell we raised
And I think of you and I still stand amazed, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you and all the time we spent, and I think of you and what the words all meant
And I think of all the helping hands you lent, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.
And I think of how you grew up on the run, and I think of all the battles you have won
You built a rainbow bridge to make us one, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you when wolves begin to howl, and I think of you when I'm watched by an owl
And when I think I should throw in the towel I say a prayer my friend and think of you, Ojigwano.
I think of you when eagles call my name, and I think of you when I think I'm to blame
And I think of you when I feel I've been tamed, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you and why you had to die, and I think of you and I try not to cry
But if life's a prayer in action I know why, 'cause you had your say, my friend, and I'm thanking you, Ojigwano.
I think of you and all the songs we played, and I think of you and all the jokes we made
And I think of you whenever I'm afraid, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.

CHORUS (variation)
Ojigwano, Ojigwano, left this earth beneath his star not long ago
Shine your light from heaven, Ojigwano, shine your light from heaven now. o o o