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Updated Oct 25 7 2018
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Center for Algonquin Culture, PO Box 259 Rosendale NY 12472
(CAC Learning Center is on Mossy Brook Road, Rosendale, call (845) 377-1110

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Center for Algonquin Culture Send Email (845)377-1110

Link for on-line Chronogram article by Peter Aaron w/video clip of MAGPIE in performance.

Monday, October 15th, 2018: Evan gave a lecture at John Jay College in NYC, to a standing room only crowd discussing his research into evidence of long-standing cooperation between Native American and African-American peoples. The event will be broadcast soon on Manhattan Neighborhood Cable. Check listings for broadcast times.

Thursday, October 25th, 2018: The Falcon Underground/Tribal Harmony Series. A Fall Harvest of Song: Featuring the Judith Tulloch Band, a popular Latin jazz ensemble, with an assortment of performers before and after sharing a variety of indigenously inspired music. 7 pm Waterfall Ceremony; 7:30 Evan Pritchard opens, MC (traditional to original)8:00 Judith Tulloch Band 9:00 Annie and Carrie aka Barely Lace (a beautiful blend of indigenous sounds) 9:40 Luis Ramos, Taino re-enactor, drummer (using a hollow log) 10 pm, Vicki Raabin, Lori Jo, Zenote, Matoaka, Patrick
Coll, and more—a variety of late night indigenous echoes. The Falcon, 1348 rte 9W, Marlboro, NY 12542 (845)236-7970. www.liveatthefalcon.com.

Saturday, October 27th, 2018: Second Annual Halloween Fest at Seed Song Farm, 3 to 8. Esopus Landing, Esopus Avenue, Kingston, NY. Evan will sign books and answer questions about local history during the day. This is Seed Song’s major event of the year, attracting huge crowds. 160 Esopus Avenue, Kingston, NY (845)383-1528. Email info@seedsongfarm.org. In partnership with MyKingstonKids! Featuring haywagon rides; music, puppets, storytelling, and theater; you-pick pumpkins; farm animal visits; vendors of food, refreshments, and information for families; spooky house; costume show; Jack-O-lantern display, giant bonfire and more. Thanks to the support of our farm community and local businesses, we are again be able to offer free admission to the festival, though there are fees for food and some activities. Visit mykingstonkids.com for more information. Cloudbreakers Drummers & Red Feather Singers will be at Three Sisters Garden from 3-6pm

Sunday, October 28th, 2018: Second Annual Ramapo Powwow in Middletown, 10 am to 5 pm. 185 Wawayanda Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940. Contact Floyd Little Sun (914)584-6207 for info. Also, rain date for Seed Song Farm event.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018: Tappantown Historical Society Annual Banquet and meeting. Evan will give an address concerning emerging information about the Tappan nation’s history, and also news about the Tappan Zee Bridge. Members only, but welcome all to join. Evan.pritchard7@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018: On election evening, Evan will speak at Ramapo State College, 6 to 9:30 pm on Native American Spirituality in Action--the Lost Wisdom of the Tappan Indians, and the multi-ethnic society they created circa 1630.

Thursday, November 8th, 2018:
Writing is Becoming. 6 to 9 pm, Rosendale, NY. After a few warm-up exercises, (rhymed haiku!) we will explore “the power of three,” (combining three random topics or themes together). We will create another “teaching tale” using at least15 characteristics
(handouts provided, no experience necessary) of a Native American “Medicine Story,” based on well-known tales. We will also work on how to set up quotations in a research paper. For more info/location /date/directions contact Evan at (845)377-1110 evan.pritchard7@gmail.com or sallybeethankful@gmail.com $25.

Friday, November 9th, 2018: ANA (Association of Native Americans) 6:30 pm pot luck followed by drumming and dancing. By donation. Bloomington United Reformed Church, 11 Church Street, off Main Street, Bloomington, New York (off 32 just south of Kingston)

Sunday, November 11th, 2018: 2 to 4: Exploring The Lost City of Norumbega. In this deep-history workshop, Evan will reveal many astounding secrets about Manhattan’s Native American and early contact period history. We will discuss how Manhattan was Nu Schodack the capital of the Mohican Nation; how its capitol city was built on a hill at Broadway and Worth Street, now long missing; how Canal Street used to be the Lapinikan (“Dividing”)River, which divided Manhattan into two; how natives built a causeway across a lake caused by an earthquake to divide salty water from fresh, , and how early French explorers built a trading post long before the Dutch and called it “Norumbega,” or “Enormous Cliff.” If you liked the film “National Treasure” you will love this because it’s real. Mirabai Books, 23 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock, NY 12498. (845)679-2100. Reservations recommended.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018:
Interfaith Thanksgiving, Temple Emmanuel Church, Albany Avenue, Kingston, NY

Friday, November 16th, 2018: 6 pm, TENTATIVE Chief Dwaine Perry talks about the Ramapough and Their Struggle. African Roots Library, 31 Gill Street, Kingston, NY (845)388-3092.

Sunday, November 18th, 2018: Annual Native American Thanksgiving Church Service at Old Dutch Reformed Church at Fair Street, Kingston, NY 10 am.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018: Evan will lead a student Thanksgiving Assembly at Eleanor Van Gelder School in Edgewater New Jersey, speaking about the Tappan and other local Lenape nations. Private event, however Evan is available to speak at schools in NY/NJ/PA/CT.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018: “Anushiik!” aka“Our Big Fat Native American Thanksgiving Dinner, a Second Helping!” at Stony Point Conference Center, 17 Cricketown Road, Stony Point, NY (off 9W north of Nyack) 10980 All day ceremonial feast featuring Native American elders, including Tiokasin Ghost Horse, Luis Ramos and Evan Pritchard, and teachings from many traditions. Free will donation and pot luck offering. Gathering and opening ceremonies at noon; one pm pot luck feast; four pm Teaching Circle; 7 pm Song Circle. Accommodations available on site. Call Kitty (845)786-5674 x 121 or kitty@stonypointcenter.org.

Friday, November 23rd, 2018: 9:30 am to noon. Conference “Discussing and Reflecting on White Supremacy and The Doctrine of Discovery. Contact Stony Point Conference Center for more details. (See above)

Saturday, November 24th, 2018: Giving Thanks Through Action: A Native American Call to Service A workshop with Evan Pritchard Neolyth, 39 Glen Ridge Avenue, Montclair, NJ 2 to 5 pm, $25 RSVP
In this workshop, Mi’kmaq author Evan (Chipmunk) Pritchard, will discuss ways we can show our gratitude for all that Mother Earth and Father Sky have given us, through our actions. When we offer to help Creation continue, we offer our whole selves, wholeheartedly, and with real humility. It may start with words such as “thank you for all you have given me,” but these words lead to “show me how I can help,” or “show me where to begin.” From there the spirit of thanks-giving leads us to a path of action of some kind, where there are no words needed. Evan will also teach us Native American sign language, a first step for learning to pray without words, using John Mohawk's highly accessible "Giving of Thanks" as a signing project. We will learn the spoken words for thank you in many native languages and many ways to show gratitude without words. Register at Meetup.org/neolith or call (646)256-0515.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018: Dawnland, a new documentary of Reconciliation; Commission on Maine Social Services removing Native children from their families. SUNY Ulster. Stone Ridge, NY, at Cottekill Road near route 209. 7 PM.

Saturday, December 1st, 2018: Saugerties Public Library, Sally Bermanzohn speaks on Native American Women of the Eastern Woodlands. 2 pm. Free to the public.

Friday, December 14th,2018: 6:30 - ANA Association of Native Americans 6:30 pm pot luck followed by drumming and dancing. By donation. Bloomington United Reformed Church, 11 Church Street, off Main Street, Bloomington, New York (off 32 just south of Kingston)

Evan's YouTube Channel

Truth and Reconciliation Evan on WKNY Kingston NY, discussing the 1643 Pavonia Massacre

Evan's Tribal Harmony Special, one hour broadcast on WJFF with interviews http://wjffradio.org/wjff/index.php?section=38

Evan and Joan Henry on Jimmy Buff radio show, Tuesday, May 22nd, 3:30 pm WKNY, Kingston. 1490 AM, also wknyradio.net.

Evan on WVKR with Rita Ryan, Wednesday, 5:15 pm: https://www.facebook.com/LocalMotionWVKR

Joan Henry on Doug Grunther's show on WDST

The Bob Hieronimus Show, March 5th, 2017,
CDs available 21st century Productions, (410)356-4852.

Video of Fire in Our Heartssong from "A Time To Remember" Thanksgiving event at Stony Point, November 23rd, 2017.

Look for the archived radio show from Sunday, June 10th, 2018 onWJFF website, 90.5FM, The Jeff Horse Show. Evan will discuss work at the Falcon with The Indigenous' lead guitarist Monto, and Phoebe Legere.

See "Cash is King"

Evan Pritchard has seven new books:

o The Tappan: The Keepers of the River Crossings; The Lenape Nation that Helped America Discover Itself (Resonance, comb, 235 pp.) There are a lot of things they didn't tell you in school. This book opens up a whole new chapter on American history, as it was never told before. $15+P&H PO Box 259 Rosendale.

o Red Head Band-A Bindle Stick of Poems by Evan Pritchard $10 (Resonance Communications; ISBN 978-1-64316-461-8.) Possibly Pritchard's most significant poetic offering yet.

o 14 Traditional Mi'kmaq Songs transcribed in classical notation. Email evan.pritchard7@gmail.com for more details.

o Music as Medicine for Troubled Nation, an amazing 235 page book about things musical in 1967, filled with surprises. $15 plus postage.

o Native American Stories of the Sacred, the new hardback edition of from Turner Books of Nashville. $26 plus postage ($6 for priority postage) from PO Box 259 Rosendale, NY 12472.

o People of Manitou: The first complete version of this biographical history of the Algonquin people. Based on the earlier (limited edition) Algonquin Eagle Song from 2001. Self published, Resonance Books (comb binding) $10 plus postage. PO Box 259, Rosendale, 12472.

o Daho! A Book of Lyrics to Evan Pritchard's songs, for singalongs.
" CAC/Resonance 2018 catalogue.

Teachable Moments: Main Blog:

Here is the link for Mocassin Tracks Radio out of Vermont with Deb Regger, released May 31st, 2018, discussing the new book Red Head Band.

Here is the link for the Podcast with Kathleen Schassler on Conscious Creator Network, recorded May 1st, 2018. After an interview with Evan about being a co-creator with the universe and helping creation continue, there is an unusual unrehearsed dialogue between Evan Pritchard and fellow guest Raymond Tarpey, comparing notes, which lasts well over an hour.

Here is the link for the History Channel show, Oak Island Mystery: The Knights Templar Connection, featuring Evan at 28 minutes onward. There are other ways to watch it archivally. Also the History Channel will be rebroadcasting at various times, see weekly TV listings. Very interesting show.

Braided Way Magazine: May the Path Be Beautiful

NY Spirit Magazine: Urban Biophilia

(Look for more links for NY Spirit magazine in the near future)

Vermont Cable TV program; Wabanaki Spirituality: Praying with Our Hands

Vermont Cable TV program: Wabanaki Spirituality: Bird Medicine and You

Moccasin Tracks radio

Jimmy Buff Show, WKNY AM 2/23/18 - Evan discusses the 1643 Pavonia Massacre

Welcome Yule Part One
Evan played some prominent percussion in this choral work celebrating Standing Rock. (Look for Welcome Yule Part Two.) Evan played the cedar flute in the manner of a wolf howl a la Paul Winter in the second half of this amazing concert with Ars Choralis.

On Eagle's Wings Matinecock pt 1

On Eagle's Wings Matinecock pt 2

To receive our electronic newsletter, The Landkeeper, email Evan Pritchard

Chief William Commanda passed into the spirit world August 3rd, 2011. Memorial services began the following day and his body was buried on Friday, August 5th, 2011.
I wrote this song for the occasion and sang it at the memorial services.

~ Evan

I Think of You
(To William Commanda)

Copyright © 2011 Evan Pritchard

Ojigwano, Ojigwano, born beneath a morning star long ago
Shine your light from heaven, Ojigwano, Shine your light from heaven now.

I think of you and all the songs we played and I think of you and all the jokes we made,
and I think of you whenever I'm afraid and I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.
And I think of you when fiddlers strike a tune, and I think of you when I sing to the moon
And I think of you whenever flowers bloom, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you when snow begins to fall, and I think of you whenever eagles call
And I think of you at every waterfall, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.
And I think of you and all the trails we blazed, and I think of you and all the Hell we raised
And I think of you and I still stand amazed, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you and all the time we spent, and I think of you and what the words all meant
And I think of all the helping hands you lent, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.
And I think of how you grew up on the run, and I think of all the battles you have won
You built a rainbow bridge to make us one, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you when wolves begin to howl, and I think of you when I'm watched by an owl
And when I think I should throw in the towel I say a prayer my friend and think of you, Ojigwano.
I think of you when eagles call my name, and I think of you when I think I'm to blame
And I think of you when I feel I've been tamed, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.


I think of you and why you had to die, and I think of you and I try not to cry
But if life's a prayer in action I know why, 'cause you had your say, my friend, and I'm thanking you, Ojigwano.
I think of you and all the songs we played, and I think of you and all the jokes we made
And I think of you whenever I'm afraid, I say a prayer my friend and I think of you, Ojigwano.

CHORUS (variation)
Ojigwano, Ojigwano, left this earth beneath his star not long ago
Shine your light from heaven, Ojigwano, shine your light from heaven now. o o o