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Pivotal Book in the Sacred Landscape Series
A Breakthrough in Native American Studies!

Mapping Manahatouac:
Land Acknowledgements for Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island,
Northern New Jersey and Downstate New York

*Text does not overlap with "Mapping Native New York", or "The Tappan".


The First Peoples of the Mid-Atlantic Coast used the term “Manahatouac” to refer to the entire area surrounding Long Island, the Hudson Valley and what is now New York City. Though home now to tens of millions, its rich Native American geographical history has been known only to a few…until now. To help readers heed the call they may now feel to
acknowledge their predecessors as land stewards, Evan Pritchard, author of the classic Native New Yorkers, has created this in-depth guide to the history of this land. This is the first book to offer a detailed map of the area as it stood in 1609 at the time of Henry Hudson, accompanied by an Algonquin-language pronunciation guide, and ground-breaking essays broken down into categories such as trails, rivers, confederacies, nations, villages, natural features, and much more, using the map’s grid system as a structural guide. The text also emphasizes the relationship between trails and rivers, rivers and villages, trade routes and the trade items they conveyed, plus the importance of now-forgotten portages and ferry routes that tied the whole vast transportation network together. Combining colonial records, native oral tradition, linguistics, and archaeology, and using compelling deductions clearly stated, Pritchard reconstructs a vivid picture of the Greater New York Metropolitan area as it was before planes, trains and automobiles, before Henry Hudson ever tasted his first Blue Point Oyster.

$22.00 plus 9% tax for New York State residents (+$11 priority) 226 pages, 8.5x11
some maps included. Comb binding, laminated cover. Send check to Evan Pritchard and
mail to Evan Pritchard P.O. Box 259, Rosendale NY 12472 or via Paypal using email
address evan.pritchard7@gmail.com.

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PO Box 259 Rosendale, NY 12472

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