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with the late Chief William Commanda,
Faithkeeper of the Algonuqin Nations

Advance Praise for
Native American Stories of the Sacred
Retold and Annotated by Evan Pritchard

272 pp, ISBN 1-59473-112-8 $16.95
Skylight Paths Publishing

"The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth."

"NATIVE AMERICAN STORIES OF THE SACRED is one of those rare books that manages to both give deep insight into the spiritual dimensions of American Indian life while remaining respectful and appropriate. Not only is its selection of representative stories wide-ranging, well-told, and carefully chosen, Evan Pritchard's comments on the stories, oral tradition and the sacred in Native life are superb. "

- Joseph Bruchac, author of Sacajaweah, and dozens of other award winning books.

"An immensely wise and entertaining and instructive book. Pritchard delivers 100 per cent on his two main points: That Native American"stories" reveal humankind as standing half-way between heaven and earth; that a reading of those spiritual journeys helps us discover the bedrock of our own faiths."

- Russell Bourne, author Gods of War, Gods of Peace

"This book is the real thing! Evan T. Pritchard elucidates the meaning of these seminal Native American stories and weaves them into the rich tapestries of diverse cultures and spiritual paths.."

- Michael J. Caduto, author of Earth Tales from Around the World,
co-author of the best-selling Keepers of the Earth

"Evan Pritchard is emerging as one of the clearest, most authentic voices in the lore and literature of Native America. In this book he captures both the playfulness and the narrative genius of Amerindian storytellers."

- Stephen Larsen, Fire in the Mind, the biography of Joseph Campbell; Shaman's Doorway.

"A tapestry of myth and legend enriched by historical and spiritual insight. The author transcends the subject matter revealing the ancient message within the tales that is often as meaningful for modern living
as it was before such tales were written down."

- Stephen Sora, author of Treasures from Heaven, and Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar.

"This is an important book, bringing together vital Native American stories in the context of their cultural, historical and spiritual life. What a treasure."

- Gioia Timpanelli, author of Sometimes The Soul.

"Evan Pritchard has given us a treasury of sparkling myths and deeply sacred stories that have long deserved to stand beside the sacred narratives of the world's wisdom traditions. This work, with its
insightful and far-reaching commentaries, will allow this to happen: it is an important and genuine contribution."

- E.H. Rick Jarow Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Vassar College,
author of In Search of the Sacred, Creating the Work You Love, Tales for the Dying.

"This is a wonderful collection of stories. Evan Pritchard's rich personal background allows him to tell these ancient tales in a fresh way and show how Native American wisdom deserves its place among the
great spiritual teachings of the world. I was continually fascinated by his ability to explain Native American traditions in terms of their counterparts in such various places as the Bible, Tom Sawyer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rumi, and Chinese lore…"

-Tom Cowan, author of Celtic Shamanism.

"Evan Pritchard is the scout we need to lead us into new territories. This sturdy work brims with insights into the relevance of Native American spirituality to the challenges that face us as a nation and as
individuals embedded in the natural world."

- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,
coauthors of Spiritual Literacy and Spiritual Rx

"Prepare to be intrigued, amused, and deeply moved by Evan Pritchard's wise retellings of these sacred Native American stories. If you search for deeper connection to All That Is, this book provides an
authoritative guide."

- Cait Johnson, author of
Earth, Water, Fire, and Air: Essential Ways of Connecting to Spirit

co-author (with Maura D. Shaw) of Celebrating the Great Mother

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