"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born."

-- Carl Jung

Who Are You?
Who Were You Supposed To Be?

We are all made of stars. In our ancient Southeastern belief, the departed souls arise into the sky to become stars, and it is from the stars that souls come to earth to be born as children.

The planets, stars, and constellations, the "Star People" showing their faces at the birth of a child, speak to his or her strengths and weaknesses and to destiny's role for that individual.

The link between the People and the stars, between Earth and Heaven, is so strong that it's even claimed that our ancestors came to earth "from the Pleiades." At the end of the Seventh World, it's said that we will return to our home in the sky.

Oral tradition tells that the calendar is really 22 different cycles, which are overlaid to form a complete picture of the influences on any given day, such as a birth date.

While these overlapping calendars clearly derive from the same sources as the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec calendars ( no surprise, since Cherokee oral history says our ancestors migrated northwards from and through those areas) there are significant differences of interpretation and symbolism that give a uniquely Cherokee perspective.

Today is (Gregorian)

All the world is but a stage, and all the people only players. There are 260 "roles" to be played in this drama, and whether you regard them as earthly aspects of divine beings, Jungian archetypes, knowing your role and your character's "motivation" can help you navigate this increasingly complex and hurried world.

In Even Heaven Falls Apart, noted author and language instructor Brian Wilkes shows not only the Cherokee names for the days and months of the modern Gregorian calendar and their meanings, but also shows the lunar months, seasonal starts and mid-points, the 13-day Cherokee weeks, and the 20 signs that change daily.

He began the assembling calculations and analyses based on the birth date to give healers and therapists an additional tool to understand and help their clients.

Now he's making this service available to the general public.

"The Cherokee Calendar Calculation and Analysis is an amazing tool for understanding personality traits, not only of myself but of my two teenage daughters as well. We are allll born with strengths and weaknesses, and the Calendar and Brian's analysis has helped me to understand my daughters in their teenage years, and to steer them in a positive direction.

Understanding the aspects and influences of this ancient Calendar on our personalities is truly fascinating and has resonated with my hearstrings in a very deepand personal way.

A very "Big Thank You" to the Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers and to Brian Wilkes for sharing this Ancient and beautiful Star Knowledge. Deeper Knowledge can lead to deeper healing, which is something we allll neeeed in this world. Wado, Brian!

Dina Jaeger,
Lakeville, CT

"As a professional in the mental health field, I see the analysis Mr. Wilkes offers as a very valuable tool, especially for those interested in working with and comprehending Archetypes in their healing process.

The education possessed and applied to the readings transcends typical personality chart analysis. Because of the skills exemplified in the development, the individual will find some aspects of the definitions to be staggeringly correct and spot-on in their applications.

I fully recommend a review of this very special assessment as a means for thorough personal introspection."

Carrie Lee McClelland,
Hackettstown, NJ

After you place your order, you will be asked to confirm details of the subject's date, time, and place of birth. Each analysis is individual prepared in a time-intensive process. When complete, the report will be sent to you as an Adobe PDF file. The reports usually run 20 to 24 pages.

"Wow! Wow! Totally amazing! This was an amazing piece of work - truly! You nailed things I have worked on, and been told by some guides.

I have had readings and charts by some of the best in the world and yours matches without a doubt - and the Cherokee imagery and metaphor is lovely - so beautiful and multi-layered. I'm so glad I have done as much soul work as I have. If I was not in the place I am in life, this much direct unfolding of the layers of behavior and psyche could be difficult. Instead, I had the joy of chuckles. Also, more for me to look at and double check within myself.

This is a good thing for it can serve as learning and catalyst for growth"

Dr. Guldal Caba, PhD, NMD, NAC,
New York, NY


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"Thank you for the Cherokee Calendar Analysis, it was very accurate, and at the same time gave me much hope and enlightenment. It has helped me to get down to my calling and doing what my Ancestors have called me to do.”

Ingrid Rogers,
Johannesburg, South Africa

About The Author:

     Active in efforts to promote the use of Native American languages, Brian Wilkes has organized classes in the Cherokee language since 1995. Those efforts have been profiled by the New York Times, Gannett papers, Paducah Sun and other news outlets, finally coming to the attention of Kentucky officials. In 2006, he received Kentucky's highest honor, the title of Colonel, commissioned by the governor and state assembly.
He is the author of Speak Cherokee Level 1, The New Cherokee Dictionary, Even Heaven Falls Apart, and hundreds of articles on history, language and culture.

This analysis is provided for cultural, historical, educational and entertainment purposes only.
If you have health concerns, please consult a licensed practitioner in the appropriate specialty.
The author makes no claims of supernatural abilities.