New English-Cherokee Dictionary

The dictionary (or more properly wordlist, since there won't be extensive breakdowns of each entry) has been assembled from many sources over the years, originally as my own personal reference document. I've spent over 200 hours clearing out erroneous, mis-typed and duplicate entries.

Here's a sample from an actual page. We used a 14-point Georgia font for easy visibility and a simply layout to avoid confusion. Not officialy "large print", but larger than normal.

So many of you have said you wanted this, that I decided to give you a break. The final version is 540 pages, with almost 8,000 entries.

"Doyu wado, Brian. I got your dictionary today. I am so glad that I now have it. I think it's going to be a very big help in my Tsalagi education. I have several dictionaries, including the Durbin Feeling, and this will be a great addition to my library. I already am enjoying the simplicity of it and I see a lot of words that don't appear in most dictionaries. I can already see I will be using it a lot!"

- Wendi Hardy, Yucca Valley CA


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