Speak Cherokee is a private membership web site. It opens in your computer's web browser after you enter your user name and password.

As updated and expanded versions are released, you will be notified. Your subscription fee includes all updates.

Subscriptions renew automatically through PayPal unless you cancel.


You need an UnZip Utility to extract all the files within the zip package. WinZip is one of the most popular; download it here.

Another UnZip utility, my own favorite. Download

Cherokee font
To see the portions in Cherokee syllabary, you will need to install the Cherokee Nation font.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF files.

You need Adobe Flash Player to hear the audio portions

Adobe Shockwave is a more feature-rich Flash player

You need a media player capable of playing videos and MP3 files:
windows media
If you have Windows, you can download and install Windows Media, a free full-featured program.

.Need a smaller media player program that downloads faster? I suggest WinAmp, download it here and install it.




  • No travel!

  • No scheduling conflicts!
    Access the lessons and work on them at the times most convenient for you.

  • Complete the assignments and tests, and return them either by email or regular mail.

After teaching live classes since 1996, this is the best way I can think of to make Cherokee language instruction available to as many as possible - even to those overseas, including our military personnel.

--- Brian Wilkes

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Which dialect do you teach?
We teach the modern Western dialect, simply because it's spoken by many more people than the Eastern dialect. An Eastern-speaker will understand a Western-speaker.

Will the subscription price go up?
No! We're committed to keeping Speak Cherokee affordable.

What's the refund / trial policy?
All subscription levels come with a seven-day free trial period. If you have not cancelled, you will be billed on day eight.

What if I just want to suspend my membership for a period?
We can do it. Just ask.

Why only a limited number of students?
Because I can only carry on meaningful instruction with a limited number of students. That interaction is what sets this course apart from other products on the market, and it's what people tell me is missing in the field. As we train additional assistant instructors, we can raise the number of memberships.

How will I know a update has been released?
We'll advise you by e-mail, and on the main page of the site.

Can I print the contents of Speak Cherokee?
You can print the pages and document files for easy off-line study, but you won't be able to copy the audios or other interactive content.


You get all the lessons, including print-out, language aids, audios, videos, even games and crossword puzzles, for only $20 a month!

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