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    We haven't raised our rates in TWELVE YEARS, and we're not about to start. We still think that $20 per month is a fair and affordable price for 24/7 access to Cherokee language instruction.

    The monthly rate is still $20 per month.

    What You Get!

    We're improving and expanding SpeakCherokee, going to more video instruction. Once again, we focus on LISTENING to the language, then SPEAKING it. Writing is another matter, and honestly, much less important. One beauty of Cherokee is that once you can speak it, you can write it.

    You get 24/7 access to the course material, so you don't have to figure out time zone differences. Study and learn on your own schedule, take the tests when you're ready.

    So won't you join us?

    Brian Wilkes


Be sure to add "SpeakCherokee@WilkesWeb.US" to your safe senders list,
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Nov 16 2018