Mike Crabtree Barber Shop
222 S. Main Street, Marion, Kentucky USA


The Town Barbershop is the center of male social life.
One barber, one chair, so set a spell and wait your turn.

Things to Do While Waiting for Your Haircut:

1. Talk With The Regulars.

2. Learn the Town History.

3. Read the Press.

4. Meet the Town's Businesspeople.









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Getting to know Marion, Kentucky

(if these images look familiar, you've already got the idea.)


  • Town Population: pert near 3,000. Town Motto: "Welcome to Mayberry."

  • Two traffic lights. Two funeral homes (so pay attention to the traffic lights!)

  • The band plays at the gazebo by the courthouse Saturday evenings, weather permitting. SCHEDULE

  • The newspaper leads with "Man Catches 45-Pound Catfish."

  • The municipal airport has finally paved the single airstrip.

  • There isn't a four-lane road in the county. Two-lane dirt roads work just fine.

  • What's a "guard rail"?

  • That trooper who just pulled you over is addressesd as 'sir,' not 'sonny', no matter how young he looks.

  • The schoolteachers speak English as their first language.
  • Amish schoolteachers speak English as their second language, but without the Kentucky accent.

  • There are four seasons: Hunting, Fishing, Football, and Basketball.

  • The high school has two Homecomings, one for football season and one for basketball season. That means your daughter has two chances to be Homecoming Queen.

  • We won the state football championship in 1985. We still talk about it like it just happened. Mike Crabtree played center.
  • No, wise guy, Mike's wife is NOT named Evelyn!

  • There is no 'vegetarian platter.' Just pick the lunchmeat off the chef's salad.
  • Kosher menu? Yeah, maybe in Nashville.

  • We hardly ever lock our houses or garages. Or course, we pay extra for security lighting so we can brag about never locking our houses.

  • Don't plan anything for Wednesday evening, that's church night. Even people who don't go to church won't make other plans, because being seen elsewhere will PROVE they weren't at church.

  • Churches offer free breakfast on the opening day of deer season.

  • The Hog Callin' Contest is in October, like always. No, Really!

  • When we give our phone numbers, we just give the last four digits. There's only one exchange. Even if we get a second exchange, we'll just give out four digits.

  • When somebody asks for an address, we just mention who lives next door.

  • The banks and most businesses close at noon on Wednesdays. During WW2, the workers got off at noon to tend theirVictory Gardens. V-J Day seemed like a poor reason to lose a nice afternoon off, so we've been doing it ever since.


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